I’ll Keep it with Mine

Posted by on May 1, 2016 in Journal | No Comments

The afternoon storms are arriving from the south. The days are heating up, wild blackberries are setting small dark fruit.

It is midnight, May Day, on a quarter moon.

I am very superstitious, but I tend to be fascinated by these traditions rather than fearful. What is the line? “By dread I’m inspired, by fear I’m amused.” Often I err on the side of superstition. So I arrive at this entry with caution.

Writing is a discipline I’m learning through practice. I have very little time to write, and a great sense of urgency. I’ve done away with most superfluous distractions, but even the slightest one can be detrimental. I am very intense, and require a steadfast single-mindedness to complete projects.

So with that prelude, I will say a writing project has indeed found me. It is not yet formed enough for me to say exactly what it is, but I believe it has taken hold enough to eventually be given to the light.

Dear Reader, I’ll let you know in the Autumn.

With Warmth,


Dylan for the interim: